Hi! Did everyone have a great Christmas in 2009?

We had the best Christmas ever at Sesame Street!

Not only did we get to enjoy a Christmas together, but all the great performances by the kids blew us away as well!

Look! Our baby class was performing a good selection of Christmas songs.


No wonder Teacher Chester was so proud of you!


Teacher Fanny's class danced to the Christmas music.

Chicco was the only boy!


F2 Class performed "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" play.

We love Rudolph!


Ginette and Candy did a little opening for Danny....


who told us the origin of Christmas...


Everyone was overwhelmed by his performance!


Yeah! Bring on the games! We want presents!

Get ready for the snowball fight!


Teacher Fanny and Teacher Alec reviewed all the words with kids before they started the game.


 Who's the best shaker?



Everyone was sooo anxious to try this game....



even dads came up to the stage to join us!


Take out your lucky draw tickets!

Are you ready for your Christmas presents?


Yes, we are!


Don't worry! Everyone will get one!


Christmas Carol time~~


We rocked the neighborhood!


Teacher Phinn was so proud!


And so was all the staff!



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