Andrea Bocelli (安德烈.波伽利)即將來台舉辦演唱會但你們知不知道其實他也有出現在芝麻街的節目上跟Elmo合唱呢? 這一首"Time to Say Goodnight"是由波伽利的名曲"Time to Say Goodbye"所改編,主要講的就是Elmo在玩了一整天以後,波伽利在床邊唱晚安曲給Elmo聽,叫他快一點睡覺,可是波伽利到後面的拉高音反而把Elmo給吵醒了! 呵呵~~很可愛的一部影片,在裡面Elmo也有跟波伽利對唱,十分精彩!

Time to Say Goodnight

sung by Andrea Bocelli and Elmo (Kevin Clash)
parody of the Andrea Bocelli song "Time to Say Goodbye"

Andrea: .... and they lived happily ever after .

Elmo: Awww, that was a nice story.

Andrea: Okay, Elmo, time to close your eyes and get to sleep.

Elmo: Uh, Mr. Andrea Bocelli? Does Elmo have to?

Andrea: Elmo, we have had a story, a song, it's late and you must be sleepy.

Elmo isn't sleepy
Elmo wants some water
And another story
Elmo's eyes are open wide awake
And Elmo doesn't feel so snorey

Time to say goodnight
Lie down
Here is your bear

You've had such a wonderful day
Playing and counting to twenty
Singing songs
And going to the park with your friends
So now won't you give me a hug?
It's time to say goodnight

Elmo doesn't wanna
Elmo isn't tired
Elmo wants to stay up
You don't have to worry
Elmo makes a promise
Elmo will be okay up

Time to say goodnight
Relax and close your eyes
You need to get plenty of rest
You've got a full day tomorrow
Playing games
Dancing and saying the alphabet

So now won't you give me a kiss?

It's time to say goodnight.

So good night!

Elmo: Mr. Bocelli? Please, Elmo's trying to sleep.

Andrea: (whispering as he gently pushes Elmo back down) Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.


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