It's Halloween!

Big Bird and Cookie Monster welcomed all the kids to the Sesame Street Halloween Party!


Check out Teacher Fanny's spooky ears!


Mimi turned into a little princess.....and indeed she is!


 William (Thomas the Train) and his brother along with Cookie Monster!


Our little pumpkin - Josh  (Awwwww~~so sweet!)


Get your first stamp here! Kids had to recite the trick-or-treat poem.

Trick-or-treat, smell my feel.
Give me something good to eat.
If you don't, I don't care.
I will give you a big scare!

Did you see our cute Elmo head on the counter?

Teacher Phinn got it in the States! All the kids loved it!


Who is faster? Go, Go, Go!


Can you spell the word? Watch out! Teacher Fanny will be the judge!


Kids could hardly wait to redeem the rewards!

DSCN6014 - 複製.jpg

Getting ready for our grand parade!


Cookie Monster will lead the way for us!


See Teacher Stuart? He was dressed up as a pirate!




Even Mom and Dad went crazy!


Missed the event?
Don't worry! Join us in 2010!


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